ALLMED was founded in 1993. It specializes in supplying high quality specialist equipment, reagents and diagnostic tests to medical laboratories.


Thanks to many years of experience and acquired knowledge, we provide services allowing us to ensure European standards in diagnostic institutions throughout Poland. Currently, we cooperate with foreign companies such as Analyticon Diagnostics and EKF Diagnostics, whose products are very precise and of high quality.


We offer a wide range of biochemical analyzers, especially urine, glucose and lactate sediment analyzers. We also offer devices for haemoglobin determination and glycated haemoglobin analyzers – HBA1C. The offer also includes reagents for biochemical, coagulological, haemoglobin, glucose and glycosylated haemoglobin determinations, strip tests for urine diagnostics, physiology, metabolism and allergy diagnostics. We also offer the sale of control materials and calibrators and laboratory accessories.