ALLMED SPORT LABORATORIUM is a new place on the map of Krakow addressed to people who want to perform comprehensive laboratory tests and physical fitness tests. Obtained results allow to determine the general state of health, as well as the exercise abilities of patients.
The facility’s offer includes:
laboratory tests
physical fitness tests: treadmill up to 45 km/h, bicycle ergometer (possibility of testing on one’s own bike) 
– setting metabolic thresholds and individual profiles
– designing the perfect training
– analysis of weight and body composition
– physiotherapeutic consultations
– kinesiotaping and PNF
– sports and relaxation massage
– service and control of meters
– maintenance and control of medical equipment
– shop: dietary supplements, medicinal plants, tests and cosmetics for sportsmen and sportswomen

In the nearest future, the company wants to expand the scope of its activity by adding the services of a specialist doctor and a dietitian.